The GOODRAM SSD discs of PRO series guarantee writing speed at the level of 180MB/s and reading at the level of 220MB/s. They are available with the capacities 64, 128 and 256GB. Thanks to compatibility with 28 and 48 LBA commands, they significantly increase the computer’s functionality. GOODRAM discs support also TRIM function, which eliminates the issue of degradation known from the first generation SSD discs. Accordingly, the PRO series discs guarantee extremely high performance for their users, allowing unbeatable time of writing and reading data.

Technical data:

Transfer  Transfer: read speed 220MB/s (max), write speed 180MB/s (max)
Size  Dimensions: 69,85x9,5x100mm width/height /length 
Support  Support for TRIM function and 28 and 48 bit LBA commands
Correction  Automatic correction of data read errors
NAND Flash component:  MLC Toshiba
Capacity   64, 128, 256GB
Resistance to shocks  Resistance to shocks 1500G (14709m/s2)
Power menagement  Adaptive/Advanced Power Management
Power consumption  For capacity   64GB: 1.2W (reading), 2.8W (writing), 51mW (standby)
Producer’s guarantee:  2 years
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Results of independent tests provided by domestic and international sources.

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